The Top 10 Esports Players Of All Time

alright guys strap in because this is abig one we’ve done teams we’ve doneplays we’ve done casters and just abouteverything else in between but we’venever done a top-ten list about the bestplayers across all of eSports now ourcriteria for this is pretty varied we’retalking about individual skill we’retalking about trophy cases we’re talkingabout influence on … Read more

The Story of Sumail best pakistani player

when i first met sumail i knew this kid wasgonna be big he’s as confident as he is controversialmoney or the ego or the title titlewhat am i going to do with the titlei’ll take the money indispensableas he is infuriating this goes like ohthis guy didn’t practice and you knowi’m just i’m just taking … Read more