future public transportation thisvehicle project is a hybrid of ahelicopter and an electric suburbantrain designed for a large number ofpeople and equipped to provide maximumcomfort the engineers placed not only chairs butalso tables a dining area and a bar in aspacious lounge the vehicle is lifted inthe air using a combination of sixpowerful propellers and … Read more

How Nanotechnology Can Change Your Life

we’ll explorenanotechnology the world is shrinking meaning among other things robots willsoon be traveling in your bloodstream solet’s get started the world is gettingsmaller so let’s talk aboutnanotechnology we’re talking about thenanometer the nanometer this is abillionth of a meter we’re talking aboutsmall here just give you an idea of howsmall a nanometer is one … Read more

Only in China! 9 Technologies That Will Shock You

hi everyone you probably know that Chinais not only the most populated country in the world but also a country with avery developed economy even though Chinais often associated with cheap goods andknockoff products in fact the celestialEmpire is also a country with the mostadvanced technologies it is regularlymentioned in the top most innovativestates in … Read more

Which Country Has The Best Technology

Hey There! Welcome to Life !Technology and innovation are coming fullspeed towards us from so many directions allover the world.But, Which Country Has The Best Technology?Each country in this global tech race hassomething special to offer.Different countries have different specialtiesand deciding which one has, quote, the besttechnology really comes down to what you valuethe most.“Technology” … Read more

10 Mind Blowing NEW Technologies That Will CHANGE the WORLD

now that we’re two-thirds of the waythrough 2020 we thought it was abouttime to make a POST about the futureuntil recently they used to make sciencefiction movies about the year we are innow first up number one artificialintelligence yep we promised we’d give you robots andwe don’t like to disappointthe robots we’re talking about don’tlook … Read more

TOP 7 Emerging Technologies That Will Change Our World!

we take a look at seven evolutionary technologies which could completely change our world current modern day computers are becoming deadlocked by Moore’s law and they will eventually bereplaced by a new type of computing technology quantum computers utilizequantum bits otherwise known as qubitsthese qubits behave quantumly so they have the ability to use one … Read more